Friday, October 28, 2011

Photo Number 696

We continue the unknown WW2 photos. I am not sure where they were taken..perhaps at a Military Hospital or rehab center. A Ward boy and Nurses..and a few patients that we will see in the next few days make me think it is some kind of military health care facility.

They must have played horseshoes.

Robert Bainsworth St Paul Sept 05 1945 ML Photos

Robert Bainsworth  St Paul

Robert Baisworth and Scotty Schosum Aug 31 1945 ML Photos

This one is marked: Robert Bainsworth St Paul

“Scotty” Schosum  (The Ward Boy from Yesterday)

In this photo we have a different look at buildings with lots of windows.


This photo was developed Aug 31 1945.

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  1. Hello and sorry I haven't been around much, there's a lot going on!

    Love these photos in the series,I found them fascinating. Thanks for posting them.

  2. I think the name might be Baiesworth... which is unusual. I've only found one instance of the name - and the man was from New Jersey (and died recently).


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