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Full Circle 132

This is a Full Circle that began with an email.


I happened to stumble on your site, more specifically on photo number 1530 posted on March 31, 2014.  I noticed that you try to return photos to family members.  I'm hoping you still have this photo as I am interested in acquiring it.  The names written on the back, Mr. and Mrs. Yoder, are my 3x great grandparents.  The picture is most likely of their daughter in law who was married to their son Grant who lived in Waterloo, IA.  My 3x great grandfather died in Waterloo while on a visit to his son.  I hope to hear back from you!

- Seth

Hi Seth, Yes I still have the photo.  I am most happy to mail it to you.  I will need your mailing address.

Is there anything you can share about the daughter in law in the photo?   My readers love any little info that can be shared!  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos.

I have a two other Yoder Photos out there on the blog  Elda V Yoder Johnstown PA  #1515, Mrs Enoch (Aunt Sarah)  Yoder Berne IN #1529

I may have more that have not been featured yet.


At the moment I am unaware what her name would have been.  I'll have to talk to my cousin to see if he knows.  I'll attach a copy of a newsletter that reprinted an article about Tobias Yoder and his life.  He has an amazing story.  I'm sure it may be of some interest. 

I'm not familiar with the other two Yoder names, but I'll ask my cousin about them as well.

I thank you so much for sending me the picture.  I am looking forward to sharing it with my family! Seth


I was doing some research on the name on the back of photo 1515, Elda J. Alwine Yoder.  Her husband's 3x great grandfather is my 6x great grandfather, a man named Schweitzer Christian Yoder.  He is one of the main people to bring the last name Yoder, or Joder, to America.  I still haven't put a name to picture 1530 though.

- Seth

If you would like I can mail that photo also?   Sounds like you have some great family history!! :)  Connie

yes, you could send it to me.  I could try and find a direct relative then to hand those pictures over to.

- Seth

I mailed off the photos.  I didn’t hear anything for a while so I emailed Seth and asked him if he got the photos.

Yes i did.  Thank you again for sending them.  I apologize for not letting you know.  In regards to the picture that Mr. And Mrs. Tobias Yoder written back, i don't believe it was their daughter in law.  She would have only been 26 or 27 at the time the photo may have been taken. 

There is a very slim possibility that it could be one of the daughters of the Yoders.  I've figured out that the Yoder's son Grant would've lived in Waterloo from at least 1896 or 1897 until sometime between 1901-1910.  I got the 1896 date from the 1900 census which lists Grant's youngest son as being born in PA in 1896, which shows he moved sometime after the birth and before his father's death in 1897.  He appears in the 1900 census as living in Iowa and the 1910 census shows he is back in PA.  Although there are no records of who went with Tobias to Iowa to visit his son, it's possible that one of his daughters went.  If one did, the picture may be of daughter Sarah, who would have been around 36 at the time.

Again, thanks for sending the pictures,

Yoders two names CP Number 1530

Photo Number 1530 marked on the back Mr and Mrs Tobias Yoder

Elda v. Yoder CPNumber 1515

Photos Number 1515  marked Elda J Alwine Yoder

Elda v. Yoder two CP Number 1515

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Here is a link to the Yoder Newsletter

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  1. I was looking at the Yoder newsletter - such a large family. I have a couple Yoder families for neighbors, and if I had time, I would look fo see if and how they might be related!


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