Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photo Number 1918

This is a photo from Joan, she had a box of photos from an estate sale that no one wanted.
This is the last of the school photos. Another year of school has come to an end for most children!

Someone has numbered the children on the old photo.
Here are the names;
Carl Grieser 1895-1918 Wyoming Cemetery Jones County Iowa  #77542846
Clare Fayrem Clair Ivan Fayram (17 Feb 1895 - 1999)
Mina Wheeler  Mina E. Wheeler (1894 - ?)
Crista Zak Christina Shimonek nee Zak (1894 - )
Ulie Zak Ulie was Julie Dahl nee Zak (1892 - ) 
Lelia Greiser Age 2 Iowa Census 1895 Madison Township Jones County Parents Rudolph and Mary
Margery Warriner
Edith Warriner Edith Nielsen nee Warriner (1892 - 1974)  # 98391167
Elva Comley
Velma Miller
Bertha Thomas
Blanche Wheeler Blanche Williams nee' Wheeler (1893 - )
Clarence Wherry
Elma Greiser Age 3  Iowa Census 1895 Madison Township Jones County Parents Rudolph and Mary
Vela Stoddard Viola May Plumbtree nee Stoddard (1893-1966 in Oklahoma) 
Myrtle Musser Myrtle J. Kokemuller nee Musser
Ella Profits
Lila Hess
Gerty Fugel
Bulah Reed
Leo Hugel
Carl Thomas
Dillon Stickley 1893 -1986 Clay Cemetery Onslow Jones County Iowa #35502925
Lee Stowers
Howard Conley
George McFadden  George McFadden (Aug 1892 - )
Chester Messer  Chester Musser (2 Oct 1892 - ) 
??? Mann
Frankie Coffin
Earney Musser
Louie Hannahs
Clide Ufidegraph ??Updegraff
Floyd Bristol
Mrs Lulu VanHorn  Lulu Davies Van Horn

As with all group photos.  I will send it out to the first person with a relative in the photo after that I will email out high quality copies.
Thanks for stopping by.

This photo went Full Circle 121 on July 5 2015.


  1. Fascinating photo!

    Is that the cloak room behind on the left? I think I see a row of bonnets.

  2. How interesting that the photo identifies the class as "Primary" and the teacher's name, but not the name or location of the school, itself!

    With so many names clearly listed, here's hoping this photograph finds a home soon!

  3. Excellent find. Class photographs where everyone is identified are so rare.

  4. Christina Shimonek nee Zak (1894 - )
    Her sister, labeled Ulie was Julie Dahl nee Zak (1892 - )

    Clide Ufidegraph is likely Updegraff

    Edith Nielsen nee Warriner (1892 - 1974) Find A Grave Memorial# 98391167

  5. Clair Ivan Fayram (17 Feb 1895 - 1999) Find A Grave Memorial# 138261716
    -- His son's obituary

    Mina E. Wheeler (1894 - ?) and her older sister Blanche Williams nee' Wheeler (1893 - )

    Viola May Plumbtree nee Stoddard (1893-1966 in Oklahoma)
    "She is survived by her husband, Meade, of the home; her daughter Mrs. Charlie (Ruby) Smith of Gotebo; two sons, Marion Plumbtree of Lawton and Russell Plumbtree of Bethany, and daughter, Mrs. Jerry (Mary) Shipman of Gilmer, Texas; twelve grandchildren; four sisters, Mrs. Hazel Hileman, Arkansas City; Mrs. Beatrice Hamby, Perry; Delia Henderson, Ponca City; Bessie Hicks, Joshua Tree CA; two brothers, Alvin Stoddard, Enid; and Leland Stoddard of McAlester."

    Chester Musser (2 Oct 1892 - ) and his sister Myrtle J. Kokemuller nee Musser (Find A Grave Memorial# 142872397 has a nice obit)

    George McFadden (Aug 1892 - )

  6. The teacher appears to be Lulu Davies Van Horn Find A Grave Memorial# 25433790

    This might be a Sunday School class?

  7. From Karen Lulu's Granddaughter:
    Monmouth Iowa. My grandma was primary teacher and grandpa James VanHorn was the Principal.

  8. This photo was mailed this morning June 5 2015 to Karen in Pennsylvania. She is Lulu's Granddaughter.


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