Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Full Circle 118

This Full Circle began when Iggy left a message at Ancestry.
Emma and Alice Craigs Number 1872
Photo Number 1872  Emma and Alice Seeba
"My sister and I would like to have the picture. We grew up just a few miles from the Seeba home. I met Emma as a child and saw Alice many times. The Wenstroms were an important part of my Mother (Doris Seeba's) early years. Would be happy to pay postage. Thanks. Sylvia”

I mailed the photo on April 20, 2015.

I got a note in the mail yesterday.
Thank you for sending the photo of Emma and Alice Seeba.  Emma was my Great (Step) Grandmother and Alice was her daughter.  My Mother was quite close to Emma’s family.  Keep up the good work old photos belong with their families.  Sylvia
Thanks for stopping by.
I got an email from another relative:
thank you for your Full Circle Blog!  A few weeks ago I Googled “Alice Seeba” in the absent way one does as one pokes around the internet, and I found your site.  Can you imagine my surprise and delight?

I remember my great-grandmother, Emma Seeba; I met her in about 1955 at the Seeba farmhouse, I believe.  The oldest picture of me is in my Dad’s arms, the summer of 1950, next to his mother Alice and his grandmother Emma.  I have Grandfather Bolinder’s daybooks from 1920 to about 1937, and he frequently mentioned Emma, who often came to help Alice and him with their two children in big, all-day tasks such as washing clothes or butchering.  Emma and John had multi-day Christmas celebrations that Alice and Elmer attended; Elmer noted that he’d go home to tend the livestock and return to the parties.

I was delighted that you were able identify Emma and Alice; I had never seen a picture of Emma so young.  Emma was about 15 when Alice was born in 1891, so, if your fashion sense is correct, she would have been in her mid-thirties at the time of the photo.  Great-Grandfather Seeba was considerably older than she, and she was his third wife.

My grandfather, Elmer, had a good friend in Benny, who may have been Emma’s brother; I have a picture of Benny in our family photo collection.  While our daughter, Molly Alison, bears some resemblance to both the Asher and Bolinder families, I am struck by her resemblance to Alice.  My sister, Bonnie Alice, was named for Alice, and and our daughter Molly’s middle name, Alison, was a tribute to Grandmother Alice Bolinder.
The best times I ever had were the weeks we spent on Alice and Elmer's farm in Maine Township.  Grandmother taught me to knit; a skill I’ve valued for over fifty years now.  However, I've never been able to make sugar cookies as good as hers were!

I have often wondered if there is anyone left besides me and my sister who remember my Grandmother Bolinder.  I was sad to learn that someone who may have known her died recently; ours was not a large family.  I am glad to know the photo went to a family member who knew Alice.

However, there is a favor I’d like to ask you (you saw this coming, didn’t you?); could you forward this email to the recipient of your find?

Hello Possible Relative Sylvia,

I would be ever so grateful to have a copy of the picture for our family album, and, as I peruse the old family portraits and pictures I’ve inherited, perhaps we’ll find some pictures to trade.

Here’s my contact information; I look forward to exchanging memories, too:



  1. Yeehaw! How many photos do you think have "gone home" now? 150 or so? :)

    This one seemed doomed to be an orphan with no one wanting it!

    1. With this photo 221 have been returned to family! Thanks for what you do!! :)

  2. So glad to see another one make its way home!

  3. I got this by email:
    This is my great grandmother and her mother. Is there any way that you could put me in contact with the person who purchased the photo? My mother found this and started crying. I would love to see if the person who purchased it would let us get a copy. We would be happy to pay for their time. Molly


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