Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Photo Number 1900

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mr Frucas Craigs
C.J. Pierce was the photographer at Green Lake Summer Resort Dartford Wis.
Mr Frucas Craigs back
Mr Frucas Krukas
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Update from Iggy:
This is a possibility:
Stanley John Krukas (8 May 1888 - Aug 1964)

He came into this country in 1906 so he may have had his photo taken shortly after he got there. 
Dartford is known as Green Lake after 1907.


  1. The photographer was Clinton J Pierce. He is Find A Grave Memorial# 115683434 and opened his photo studio in "Green Lake" in 1895. page 2, last paragraph.

    I'm not sure the name is "Frucas".

    1. Perhaps:

      Stanley John Krukas (8 May 1888 - Aug 1964)

  2. The details on that photo seem remarkably clear. Any idea what the pin on his lapel might represent?


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