Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo Number 1895

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Kids Craigs
Four Kids Craigs
McLaughlin & Woodley were the photographers.
Four Kids Craigs back

Berne 9     Bernice 13
Malcolm 2 years  Paul age 6 months
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Update from Iggy:
I think the family might be the Heign family of Noble County Indiana.


  1. I've not found the photographers first names, but believe them to have been located in or near Fort Wayne Indiana.

    I think the family might be the Heign family of Noble County Indiana.

  2. Bernice - Find A Grave Memorial# 110943876 and Find A Grave Memorial# 41086950 (1887)
    Berne - Find A Grave Memorial# 103071901 (1891)
    Malcolm (not found in Find A Grave)
    Paul - Find A Grave Memorial# 41446762 (1910)

    In the 1900 US census Malcolm is shown as being born Oct 1908 (1898 was entered but it is a clear typo)

    1. Do you mean the 1910 census, Iggy? If Malcolm were born in 1908, he wouldn't be showing in the 1900 census...

      With a family grouping like this, surely someone will turn up soon to claim this photo!

    2. Hmm. Malcolm is in the 1900 US census but I can find him no where else.

    3. Perhaps the photo is marked incorrectly (or I got the wrong family) - The boy marked Paul might actually be William E. If so, the photo dates to 1900-1901.

  3. Fat sweet cheeks--Hope someone clams this photo.

  4. That little Malcolm is just as cute as he can be with his chubby little baby hands on his lap. You have to wonder if Bernie/Bernice are family names - derivative of some other form. I think it's unusual to have two children in a family with such similar names.


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