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Photo Number 1912

This is a photo from fellow blogger Nancy. 

Nancy wrote: A friend found this photo in the disbanded Eagles Club. I will gladly send it to you for your Forgotten Old Photographs blog.  All the soldiers are identified but the place & year are mysteries.
Hopefully it can find a good home.

Soldiers fron Nancy

RTC 86 A  RTC is Recruit Training Command

Soldiers fron Nancy back of photo

Here are the names. ( To the best of my ability)

1. Walter Uecker

2. Chille Thomas

3. Joseph Tutlewski

4. Rueben Tuejello

5. Gilbert J. Thiel

6. Ernest N. Turco

7. Floyd Thompson

8. Chester E. Swencki

9. Joseph  Trenal

10. Robert Tschohl

11. Albert Terrian

12.  Joseph P Toporski Jr

Cpl A.H. Yowell

Cpl Ludwig C. Schwartz


1. J ? Zwaneski ?

2. Leo F. Wolke

3. William E. Witt

4. Albert C. Zemke

5. William D. Woodlock

6. Orville Hanbey

7. Eugene Ziarkowski

8. Albert C. Fredericksen

9.  Alfred Vanden Breul


1. Vernie Stahl

2. Charles Wheatley

3. Layne Whitehead

4.  George A White

5. John Taslov  switch around with Alvin

6. Alvin C Zeleski switch around with John

7. Norman Steen

8. Edgar Steinke

9. Harold Stanull

10. Elmer Stafford

11. Lyle Wells

12.  Lawrence Stieber


1. George Stempke

2. George Staltmen

3. Denzel “Denny” Leeper

4. Howard Staxley

6. Edward s. Wozniak

7. Charles E. Spindlog

8. Lester L. Smith

9.  Carson Pearl

10. Stanley Skowronski

11. Alfred J. Spaetti

12. Harry I Skinowlorf


1. Benjamin Smith

2. Le Roy Spiegelhoff

3. Pvt. Ray J. Simon

4. Corp. Edward L. Kisten

5. Corp. Leon Bedwell

6. Sgt. Wolf

7. Wiley T. Moore

8.  Sgt. V. Grassman

9. Corp. H. M. Thompson

10. Chas A. Speck

11. Fred Snipes

12. Garret Smalligan

I will mail the original to the first person who contacts me, after that I will email a high quality copy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Update from Iggy:

Many of the soldiers are from Wisconsin, with an enlistment date of March 31 1942 and they are at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

This photo went Full Circle 1912 on July 31 2017.

Please contact me by email found in my profile if you would like a email copy of this photo.


  1. Many of these men were from Milwaukee, WI and were enlisted/enrolled in Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

  2. Joseph T Tutlewski - Find A Grave Memorial# 121575115 (Mar. 24, 1907 - Dec. 24, 1955 Kenosha, WI)

    Gilbert f Thiel - Find A Grave Memorial# 134427209 (Feb. 1, 1917 - Aug. 2, 1990 in Wisconsin)

    Eugene J Ziarkowski - Find A Grave Memorial# 2931606

    Leroy Spiegelhoff (c 1917) Kenosha, WI

    1. Walter F Uecker (1920 in Wisconsin) Enlistment Location: FT Sheridan, Enlistment Date: March 31, 1942.

      Eugene J. Ziarkowski also has an Enlistment Date of 31 Mar 1942 at Fort Sheridan.

  3. This old postcard of the Army barracks at Fort Sheridan matches the one in this photo -

  4. Sure hope they are found by someone--Thanks for posting
    and thanks to Intense Guy for all his time looking for them.

  5. #8 last nam is Swencki -also from Wisconsin.

    1. Given the "2nd" list of names has 9 entries - I think the rows are listed back to front.

  6. Thanks, Intnese Guy for your research. I'm hopeful this photo is returned to a family member and that FarSide will send many scanned copies.

    I'm curious how the photo ended up in an Eagles hall in the middle of Wyoming.

  7. Interesting how photos travel from place to place. Glad it was found--and so glad Iggy figured out so many of the details. When this one gets claimed, your Full Circle count will be multiplied!!!

  8. I think Corporal A H Yoweal is

    Warren Harry Yowell Find A Grave Memorial# 108349637

  9. Blog reader David sent me an email , he used to work in Kenosha Wisconsin.
    Looked in Ancestry and found Ernest N. Turco. He was born March 22, 1920, enlisted in the Army on March 30, 1942, died July 1977.

    Parents were Mike and Angeline Turco.

    This might help in locating someone who is interested in receiving the photograph.

  10. I would like to give this photo to Ernest Turcos wife. She is 94.

    1. Yes it is still available. Please contact me by email! My email can be found by clicking on the yellow flower, email is in my profile:)

  11. I will be mailing the original photo to Lisa her grandfather Chester A Swencki is in the photo.
    I am happy to email anyone else that contacts me a copy.

  12. The photo was mailed to Lisa in Connecticut yesterday her Grandfather Chester E Swencki is in the photo,
    I am happy to email copies of this photo to anyone that wants them. Contact me through my email that can be found in my profile.


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