Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Photo Number 1913

This is a wallet photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Bette DL Ant


Bette back DL Ant

Sis- We’ve had lots’ of fun in the past three years + it’s been swell knowing.  Have all the more fun in the future.  Love, Bettie

This is a tinted photo…not many people liked to pay extra for tinting. 

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  1. Three years? Sounds like a high school graduation!

  2. It would be interesting to find out who this "Sis" is.

  3. Probably around 1955 - my bother's 8x10 graduation portrait was tinted that year, and looks very similar to Bettie's tinted photo.

  4. Tinting was done by hand painting a dye onto the black and white photo. My wife's mother did that job back in those days. My wife has the kit just for memory sake. I remember my brother in 1963 having one tinted photo done. I don't think they were doing that anymore when I graduated from high school 1968. If I had one I sure don't know what happened to it as I have all of the photos. My late wife's senior photos were in color, not tinted, but the entire lot of senior pictures that year in Iowa turned green as they aged.


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