Sunday, May 10, 2015

Photo Number 1897

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Two ladies and a baby Dl Ant  Azo Tricngles Up Postcard

This must be a photo of a child, mother and  maybe a friend or a sister, the other woman doesn’t look old enough to be the grandmother.  Too bad this photo is not marked.  I will point out that both ladies are wearing wedding bands, the lady on the right is carrying gloves and the lady pushing the carriage wears a double buttoned blouse…possibly for ease of nursing her baby.

It is a Real Photo Postcard from 1904 to 1918.  The ladies look all set to travel someplace.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Far Side! I hope your day was spent with those you love!

    You are right: too bad the photo wasn't marked. Not even a location!

  2. Got to love those hats!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


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