Saturday, May 2, 2015

Full Circle 117

This Full Circle began when I left a message at Find A Grave for Mary Jo.

She replied to my inquiry:

Oh my, that is amazing! I have never seen that photo. That's Myrtle for sure. She always cocked her head that way. I've never seen a young photo of her or one that young of Johnnie. I would love to have it!!

The picture must have been to Maud Cudworth. This is Johnnie's writing on the back.  I recognize that.  Lindesmith/Lindersmith was used interchangeably.

Mary Jo

Maude and Johnie  CraigsNumber 1884

Johnnie and Myrtle Lindersmith/Lindesmith  Photo Number 1884

I mailed off the photo on April 23 2015.


Thanks so much for the wonderful picture of my great-grandparents, Johnnie & Myrtle Lindesmith! I received it 3 days ago. I couldn’t wait to share with it my sisters and cousins. What a precious find! I am so glad you do this!

It’s interesting that it was found in an antique shop in California. Johnnie & Myrtle were both from southern Missouri. He died there in 1924 and she moved to Colorado, then to California. No one in my family has ever seen this picture. It is the youngest picture we have of either of them.

This picture was taken in 1903 when they had just been married 4 years and my grandmother was a baby. They actually were in Texas visiting relatives when this picture was taken, but they soon made their way back to Missouri.

Johnnie was a good man and much loved by his family, but he died fairly young at the age of 46. Myrtle never remarried. She got a job at a Dude Ranch in Colorado as a cook and later moved to California. She died in 1957 and they are both buried in Douglas County, MO near their old home.

I am mailing a separate letter with a check for shipping, etc. 

Mary Jo

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a lovely gift to this family! I also thank you for what you do here, Connie. You have brought so much joy with this blog, not only for the families, but the readers who enjoy the story that comes with the full circle! :-)

  2. That is such an typical American story of how families lived and kept going. Her working as a cook in a Dude ranch is so wonderful as she could keep going with the money from that job. A good Full Circle.

  3. AWESOME! So nice to get a background story. This would make a terrific subject for a TV series. I would watch.

  4. Yeeehaw!!!!!!

    Does snoopy dance (with Chance)

  5. When I first saw that photo, I thought it was so playful, just because of the way Myrtle cocked her head. Come to find out from Mary Jo, that must have been her signature pose!

    Yes, Connie, I agree with Sue: what you are doing here is priceless! It must certainly be rewarding to know you have given back a part of their heritage to 117 families across the nation.

  6. I love finding old connections/relationships that people had. This picture was given to Maud Cudworth, who I've since learned was Myrtle's 1st cousin. I just don't know why it was found in California.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Who knows why photos end up in far away place. It is a mystery to me too:)


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