Thursday, May 7, 2015

Photo Number 1894

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Laura Glascoe Craigs


The Belmont Photo Co took this photo.

It appears to be a photo of  Laura Glascoe

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  1. The only thing I can figure is the Belmont Photo Co was located in "Belmont" - there is one in Ohio.

  2. Perhaps?

    Laura W. Glascoe
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Birth Place: Belmont, Ohio
    Birth Date: 11 Feb 1895
    Father's name: John R. Glascoe
    Mother's name: Clorus Davis

    1. I "think" the photo was taken around 1885 to 1895. So I am doubtful. Did John have a sister? :)

    2. Perhaps this one is her, she was born in 1866 - the family used and reused names to confuse us all! :)

  3. Perhaps this Laura was named after someone else in the family...


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