Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photo Number 1887

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Ida Stone Craigs

A lovely young lady.

The Photographer is Bacon at 60 Dominick Street  Rome N.Y.

Ida Stone Craigs back

Ida Stone  brother Aldens daughter

Ida E. Gifford

Ida Stone Craigs back

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I did a quick search at Find A Grave:

Ida E.Gifford Stone (1864-1931) Buried in Knoxboro-Augusta Cemetery Augusta NY.

Her parents were Alden Gifford and Sarah J. Gifford.  Ida married Emory I. Stone 1858-1933.

They had at least one child S. Lucille Stone Henty (1885-1960)  she married Albert C. Henty They had at least three children Alberta, Ora and Alden.  Alden Henty (1927-2008)  Alden had four sons.


  1. I had to look to see where Rome was -- it is a few miles east of Syracuse and in the country side.

    The lady in the photo has a curious but engaging expression.

    Alden C. Henty's find a grave obituary is interesting - as is his photo!

  2. I found an address for one of Alden's sons. I will mail off a copy of this blog today to see if he wants his Great Grandmothers Photograph.

  3. It is an interesting photo with the pose and results being almost mysterious.

  4. With that note in a shaky hand, it looks like someone was trying to pass along family photos and all he or she knew about the family member. Nice to have both a maiden and married name, plus relationship indicated. Looks like another Full Circle heading towards us!


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