Monday, April 27, 2015

Photo Number 1886

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

F D Corse Craigs

The Photographer was G.P. Huestad of Sandy Creek New York

F D Corse Craigs back

F D Corse Craigs back

Mrs. F.D. Corse

I will guess that this photo was taken about 1895.

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I think this may be Ella Bernice Corse  April 11 1863 to April 29 1897.  She was the daughter of John L. Nichols and Married F. Dudley Corse on October 4 1888.  She and F. Dudley had one son, Spencer 1897 –1912  his Mother, Ella Bernice died in childbirth.

F. Dudley Corse (1859 to 1929) was a well known business man and owner of the Corse Press in Sandy Creek.


  1. has quite an obit for this woman's husband. has quite an obit for this woman. Maybe the FindAGrave volunteer is family?

  2. That is quite an expression on her face. Makes one wonder what she was thinking.

    So sad to think of her life cut off so short. Then again, her son didn't live very long, either.


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