Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Photo Number 1866

This is a photo from Craig’s collection.

Sophia Sharp  Craigs

This is one of those on the diagonal photos that was popular from 1895 to 1905.  From the looks of the shoulder on her gown 1895 is a really good possibility.  She looks about 20 years old, so we are probably looking for someone born around 1875.

Sophia Sharp  Craigs back

To Auntie B,  Sophia Sharp

The photographer was Evans at 1065 Washington St.  Oakland CaL

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  1. From the Oakland, California, City Directory, 1895 we find:
    Frank E Evans
    1065 Washington Street
    Oakland, California, USA
    Occupation: Photographer

    The same directory lists a number of Sharp's, but not Sophia.

    I found a news article about a "Sophia Sharp's" will here:

    In it, it mentions Walnut Grove, California which would seem to have been a reasonable distance from Oakland and from that I found:

    But this Sofia would seem to be too young?

    1. Find A Grave Memorial# 131488634 is a possibility.

    2. The Find A Grave one is a possibility.
      Yes our Sophie is too young to be the Walnut Grove one...but I could be wrong.

  2. Too bad so much of the outfit was cut out on that diagonal perspective. It looks like an interesting one.

    Yes, Walnut Grove is quite close to Oakland. Other than the age issue, the distance would work out...


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