Monday, April 13, 2015

Full Circle 113

This was a photo featured around Christmas time.

Iggy found an address to send a copy of the blog post.

Merry Christmas from Rev and family  DL Antiques Number 1778

Photo Number 1778

Merry Christmas from Rev and family  DL Antiques back Number 1778


Dear Connie,

I received the copy of the photo which was our family picture (Christmas postcard) in 1941.  Although I have the picture, I didn't know it had been used as our Christmas card.  My mother, Agnes Masted, never married again and lived until she was 94, dying in 2008.

I would like to find out more.  Do you have other pictures of my dad, Rev. Walter L. Masted?


Hello Carol.   I purchased the Christmas Card in an Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  Your father was a Pastor in the Detroit Lakes area and no doubt they had many friends in the area.   I have not run across any more photos of your family that I am aware of.  On the blog there is a search field off to the left side.

When photos end up in an antique shop you never can be sure where they come from.

I am happy to return the photo to you if you wish. It was nice to hear from you!

  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

I wouldn't mind having it seeing it has my Dad's handwriting on it.  I will send you a check covering costs.  Please let me know about how much.  By the way, I'm the baby in the picture.  Yvonne is the older one.



Hi Connie,

I put a check in the mail for you today.  Thanks for sending the picture.  Carol

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ah, I am pleased that the family regained a keepsake - I'm sure the father was badly missed over all those years.

  2. What sweet little faces the children had.

  3. How special to see that photo returned. Wish you had more of the family, considering the circumstances.

  4. I always think that it is one of the great achievements of this internet of ours, that ability to return memories to those who have lost them.


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