Monday, April 6, 2015

Full Circle 111

This Full Circle began with an Internet Search.
Hi Connie,
I was doing a little family history and while doing a google search came across your old photo site. Photo #1819 is my great uncle Fred Bleese. I would very much like this photo if possible. If you would contact me I
would appreciate it.  Thank you. Elizabeth

Fred B and wife DL Photo Number 1819 (2)
Photo Number 1819  Mr and Mrs Fred Bleese
Hello Elizabeth,  I am happy to mail you the photo.  I will get it ready to mail.  I will need your mailing address.  So happy to send it home!   Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Thanks so much, Connie. When I am in an antique shop I too like to go through the old photos and I've thought how sad it is they've ended up there. It is a wonderful service you do. Fred was a brother to my grandfather and I grew up in the house that he and his 9 brothers and sisters grew up in. His father built the house after coming  from  Germany to America. Fred was 10 or 11 at the time and remembered the voyage. Again I thank you. Elizabeth

Hello Elizabeth,   Good to hear that someone else looks at the old photos in antique shops!   I have the photo ready to mail this afternoon.  I nearly had heart failure...I filed the photo incorrectly, BUT eventually found it.  I thought my system was fool with names and simple is that and I still messed up.  Enjoy the photo and please let me know when it has arrived safely.  Connie

Connie, I received the photo of my great uncle Fred and his wife yesterday. When he was 10 or 11 he and his family left Germany for America. There was a write up in a local newspaper in 1952 where Fred tells of the ocean voyage. "We boys had lots of fun on the ship. One day it was very stormy and the ship was bobbing up and down like a duck. We were on the second floor and the windows were covered with water most of the time. You know how boys are, I wanted to investigate, so I got on top of a box and got to working on a window and got it open. Just at that time a big wave hit the ship and the water splashed over my head. My mother got frightened and quickly closed the window. After that a man came and locked the windows. My father must have told him what happened."
Thanks, Elizabeth

Thank you for the reply Elizabeth!  I am glad the photo got there safely!  I will write the Full Circle Post this next week. I will send you a link when it is posted.  Happy Easter!  Connie
Thanks for stopping by!  The Internet is changing daily never give up on your search for relatives!


  1. Goodness - I found the recollection of the sea voyage to the States to be most interesting! I hope Elizabeth looked at the photo before this one (1818) to see if the couple might belong to her family too!

  2. I love your "full circles" and the interesting family stories that come out of them!

  3. Oh, my favorite part: the Full Circle report! And after all the work Iggy did on identifying the family, this one turns out to be thanks to an Internet search! Amazing how each one turns out...

  4. Great full circle, makes the heart glad.

  5. This Full Circle is connected to Full Circle 130.


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