Friday, April 24, 2015

Full Circle 115

This Full Circle was helped along by Iggy leaving a message for Theresa at Ancestry.

Emma Stennes DL Number 1820

Emma Stennes DL back Number 1820

Photo Number 1820


She replied:

February 10

I would love to have this picture of Arnold and Mildred. They are related to my husband. Let me know what I need to do.

Thank You!

Hi Theresa, I will need your address and I will get the photo off in the mail.  Is there anything you can share?  Do you know of the Emma Stennes who is in the photo with the unknown man.  The photo was taken by Mildred and sent to Emma.    Connie

I haven’t tied in Emma Stennes as of yet. Her family  was from Norway also. I just don’t know yet if she was family or just a friend. I will work on this and see what I can come up with.


I mailed the photo February 11 2015

I didn’t hear anything for the longest time.

March 7

Hi Theresa, Did the photo arrive safely?  I would like to write the Full Circle post.  Thanks Connie


Sorry I haven’t written back. Yes they arrived. I lost the letter part of the letter so forgot what to do.


March 9  Do you have any thing to share about the people in the photo?  Thanks Connie

I can add information whenever it arrives.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yeah! I am glad the photo found home! I really like this one!

  2. Hopefully the mystery of who Emma Stennes was can be cleared up some day!

  3. We have certainly been feasting on Full Circle stories lately. Glad this one made it home...sorta...hope the mystery of Emma Stennes gets cleared up, though!

  4. Another connection--would be great to know the rest of the story.


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