Friday, September 2, 2011

Full Circle 31

Recently a few photos made their way home.  These were photos in a Cabinet Card Album that blog reader Janice purchased.

The Dyer Family photos.

Dyer 15

Susie Photo Number 479

Dyer 09

Myrtle Photo Number 480


Dyer 22

Robert and Richard Dyer Photo Number 481

Dyer 19

Dyer 18

Mandy and Iva Photo Number 482

Hi Connie,
The Dyer photos (featured on Forgotten Old Photos as #479 - #482) have finally found their way home! With the help of you and your super sleuths we tracked down the daughter in law of Robert Gladden Dyer (photo #481). She told me that these were definitely some of her husband, Jim's, family and passed the email along to him. I never heard from Jim but just as I was about to give up hope, I heard from his sister Shirley. Seeing the photos lit the genealogy fire under Shirley and she hopes to discover more about her dad's family. She sent an email to let me know the photos arrived safely in Minnesota and that she will show them to her brother when she sees him in October. She also noted that she could see some family resemblance in some of the unnamed photos.
Thanks for all your help in sending these photos home,

Thank you to Iggy and Abra for making the connections that led to an email address that helped to bring these photos home.

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. It always thrills me for these photos to find their way home after all these years!

  2. There is one more funny little twist to this story. This was an online purchase and paid for through paypal. Recently I was going through my old paypal receipts and for the first time noticed the email address of the person who sold this collection to me - it was the same man who had found MY old family album 5 years earlier!

  3. I love when your photos find their way home. It warms my heart.

  4. It's not my family, but I still feel like celebrating when I read stories like this. Thank you for all your work, and for the work of your assistants! What a team. What a wonderful idea!

  5. Yeah!! I always give a little cheer when a photo (or in this case several) is reuntied with someone who will appreciate how fortunate they are that someone cared enough to buy the photo(s) and do the research. I am always happy to help! :-)~Abra


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