Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Number 648

This is a CdV or Cartes de visite similar in size to our wallet photographs today.
winona photo Bemidji Antiques
I purchased this photo at the antique shop in Bemidji Minnesota.
winona back Bemidji Antiques
Here we have the price, Best Photographs $2.00 per doz.
W.L. Barnes was in Winona Minnesota from 1866 to 1892.  He was at Center Street  from 1886 to 1892.  Based on the woman’s dress I will say this photo was taken in 1886 if not a tad earlier.  Rows of buttons, pleated decorations on the skirt and a high white collar all say 1880’s.  
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  1. Lovely dress; can you imagine how long it would take just to get in the dress?!!!

  2. She looks very relaxed in that ornate dress. So she has two talents - good taste in clothing, and knowing how to have her picture taken. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm enjoying the "dress" photos this week.

    How I envy your access to these wonderful, forgotten photos. None are available in my area. Does that mean no one here is "forgotten"?

  4. She may be sitting, but she is buttoned, ruffled, tucked and trimmed within an inch of her life. I really don't think she's can breathe. She's probably thinking, " Push the button, push the button."

  5. We've nearly come full circle - with the prices of a photograph... these were about 5 cents each and you can get prints for that too...

    ...but in color!


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