Monday, September 26, 2011

Photo Number 666

How about looking at some kids in chairs this week.

Two little gals in a chair RAS

These two little ones made me smile, I bet their Grandmother displayed this photo proudly.  It looks like two little girls to me.  This is a photo that I got down at the Royalton Minnesota Antique Shop.

Can you imagine using a button hook to “do up” the shoes on these more than likely squirmy children?  This photo was probably taken right around 1900 to 1910. 

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  1. Adore the way these little ones are soaking in their surroundings with keen senses.

  2. They sure have impish expressions - and so cute!

    I bet they were in a small way, the reason velcro fastners for shoes were invented. :)

  3. The older child looks like she would be a handful!!! Such a sweet photo.

  4. I had some of those button up shoes and I learned to hold still very quickly...if you didn't the button hook caught skin and that hurt like the dickens.


  5. Go check out this old photo with uncanny resemblance to Nicolas Cage and tell me if its a scam or not.

  6. Looks like little girls, but actually little boys looked the same in those days. I have pics of my dad, uncle and 2 sisters from early 1920's and they ALL looked like little girls. My dad had to tell me which one was him. Freaky


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