Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo Number 655

This is a photo from the Wagon Wheel Antique Shop in Lake Park Minnesota.

Gal with Glasses Lake park Antiques

This young lady has a big old bow in her hair, spectacles and lots of lace trim on her dress.  I will guess a date of 1900 to 1910 for this photo.

This is one of those photos that makes you wonder.  What was the occasion of the photo?  And did she talk to the photographer?

J. R. Snow was a Mankato Minnesota photographer from 1893 to 1919.  Before coming to Mankato he was “ a tent photographer” from Wisconsin to Kentucky.  I bet he had a few stories to tell.

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  1. I am curious what the occasion was!

  2. She looks like young teacher or... not young pupil at school :)

  3. Whatever the occasion, she seems well prepared for her picture. And she doesn't think it necessary to remove her glasses for the picture; that, we are thankful for.

  4. She has an odd expression... I think it looks as if her mouth is hurting or something.

  5. She does look a bit confused about things. That is very delicate lacework on her dress. I'm still not sure about these bows.


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