Monday, September 19, 2011

Photo Number 659

  This CdV is from the Antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Wm Strelow DL Antiques
Morgeneier and DeGuire were in Winona at the 209-211 East Third Street location from 1892 to 1894.
Wm Strehlow back
This may be William Strehlow.   A while back I think I had a photo of his daughter and her husband.  I think he is Eugenia Stehlow Meilickes father.  She was featured in Photo Number 134 and Full Circle Eight.
If this is William Strehlow he was born in Germany in 1844.  Emigrated to Wisconsin with his parents Fredrik and Mary when he was five or six years old. 
He was a Union Scout during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.
He married  Marie Buchholz of Watertown, Wisconsin, in 1868. They had eight children: William F., Franklin, Mrs. Arthur (Eugenia) Meilicke, Della, Marie, and Mrs. J. R. (Emma) Bishop. A son, Hubert, preceded his parents in death by six months and an infant child was buried in Winona, Minnesota.
He started a very successful farm implement business in North Dakota.   The full article can be found here.
William Strehlow died on April 8, 1932.
If my wild guess is correct and this is him, I have a photograph of his Granddaughter to show you tomorrow.
The people that got the Full Circle Eight Photos were all relatives and interested in the Meilicke connection..not to the Strehlow branch of the family. But who knows perhaps a Strehlow will show up to claim these photos.  I search for a photo of him online to compare this photo too since he was a Postmaster and a County Commissioner..with no luck.
In the past month I mailed off a number of photos..and got no response from the people they were sent to.  I find it rather discouraging.  When I finish work at the Museum and I have more time I am going to make a list and update what I know about all the photos that I have sent out over the past two years that do not have Full Circle posts. I feel a need to tie up all the loose ends.
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

Update: Oct 12, 2011 I mailed a copy of this blog post to a relative. 

Update: October 19, 2011
I heard from  relatives of William Strehlow, they have many photos of him and are not interested in anymore. 


  1. Interesting info.
    Best wishes with your searches.

  2. Interesting thing about the Strehlow family... they were very active in Government, a state Representative, a district attorney.. you'd think they would want this picture.

    I'm dissapointed that there are so many "incomplete" full circles - a lot of effort (and time and postage) went into getting the photo's returned...

  3. Your blog is so well-organized. There is a lot of work and thought. And you are so consistent, sharing these beautiful pictures and information. Thank you, from me and I take the liberty to say, on behalf of others too!

  4. It is a bit disappointing to not hear back when you have made such effort. How long until you are done at the museum? Is it only open seasonally? I wanted to get there this summer--always with someone else and a tight schedule. :-( Keep up the blog, Connie, and if things slow down for me starting in November-December, I'll be of more help! ~Abra

  5. Thanks Seasons, Abra and Iggy. The Museum is only open for the summer. So I will be footloose and fancy free and on the hunt for old photos again!
    It is discouraging when people cannot even email me that they have received a photo. HOWEVER many people are truly appreciative. So I will keep on keeping on:)

  6. Tomorrow October 12,2011 I will mail off a copy of this blog post to Blake who we think is a relative in Fargo ND.

  7. Ican't imagine 'having enough photos' of my ancestors. Wish I was so lucky. Perhaps you can send unwanted photos to a historical museum where the Strehlows lived. I know our local museum loves donations. I've paid out some pretty pennies to get copies of ancestors' photos (but it helps the museum, so that's okay). Of course, hanging on to the photos wouldn't be bad, either, as I could see a couple other uses for them. ~Abra

  8. My gg-grandfather's name was Albert Strehlow. He traveled to the US with my gg-grandmother in 1868...they went straight to Winona and were married 3 weeks after they arrived in the US. So it probably wasn't a randomly chosen destination. He died there in 1884. I have been researching all of the other Strehlows who passed through Winona County, in the hope of finding a connection. I wish I knew if these other Strehlows were related! Thank you for doing what you do with these old photos...I would be doing cartwheels if photos of one of my relatives popped up :)

    1. Hi Cindy, Keep checking back! I also have a search block on the left side of this blog. Thanks for the comment and good luck finding your relatives photos!


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