Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Number 649

This is a Cabinet Card that I purchased in Solway Minnesota.

Long hair and Bustle Cabinet Card Solway

I wonder if her ringlets are real?  I would have liked to have seen the dress from the back.  She does have a ring on her left hand.

Long hair and Bustle dress back Solway


GW ( George William) Edmondson ( 1837 to 1913) was a photographer in Norwalk Ohio.  He opened a studio just after the Civil War in 1865. He and his family were well known artists, sculptors, printmakers and painters.

The quality of this photo is unique among Cabinet Cards, it is well done on premium paper.

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  1. What an incredible find! Her dress and hair are beautiful.

  2. As well as being a lovely photo, the font used on the reverse is wonderful!

  3. Now isn't this a beautiful dress, comfortable, and also a well-taken photograph? The lady seems pleased and quite relaxed.

  4. Such a well-done and pensive pose...

    It's a shame we don't know who she was or what her story was...

  5. Such an unusual portrait. This one's a treasure.

    I, too, noticed the font--would love to have it in my own file!--but it did cause me a double take...thought the line said, "The *relative* from which this picture is printed is carefully preserved..." Perhaps a little bit of my macabre sense of humor, although by now, I'm sure that is also true.

  6. Lovely portrait! her curls do look real, or they could be enhanced with some real hair add ons.


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