Sunday, September 4, 2011

Photo Number 644


Do you suppose this is some kind of cook shack or a summer kitchen?

Cook and Cookie

Cook?? + Cooke 1922

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  1. Interesting photo - wonder what the woman on the steps was doing, and is that an animal at the base of the steps?

  2. Could it be a play on words? The Cooke sisters at a cooking shack = Cook+Cooke!!!! Pure speculation, I admit.

  3. I'm wondering is it were a nickname. Cooke, like cookie. That is one rough little shack for sure. It does have a screen door for ventilation though.

  4. It looks like it has a platform on the left - for a porch of some sort and a potted plant on it. Maybe it is a seed house?

    I think the first name might of been something like "Tok" (I only see three letters).


  5. I think that the ladies who are obviously looking into the sun are just posing for the photographer, and they ask is this "ok 'y' dooke"


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