Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Number 357

scan0048 copyI wonder if this gal was headed to a prom or just a formal dance? At first glance she appears to have earrings that were gaudy..then I realized that she has a stand up collar very similar to Snow Whites.  I am not sure what you call a collar that stands up like that behind your head? I have decided that this gal has not worn heels very much either as she seems to be hanging onto the pillar for some support.  I will guess that this is a photo from the 1950’s.

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Update: Cheri thinks that this is from the late 1930's very well could be.


  1. She looks a bit like Judy Garland to me. The dress material reminds me a lot of photos I have seen of my mum's wedding dress in the 1960s though I'm sure you are right about the 50s guess. Lovely photo. :-)

  2. I think with the collar and the heels I would be very uncomfortable!

  3. I was looking at a fashion history site but couldn't find anything specific about this collar. I think it looks like the 40s or 50s. In the 30s most hemlines were in between the knee and midcalf. Evening gowns were long but tended toward sleeveless or wide necklines. I could be completely wrong though. 20th century is not my specialty. :-)

  4. She looks like she is in a old wedding dress probably passed down from her mother or grandmother.

  5. I think this is from the late 30's. Her high waist, full 'puffy' sleeves, her hair and the lace dress all suggest late 30's. The hemlines in the 30's were at mid calf for day dresses but not for formal gowns like this. The collar is also something popular in the late 30's/ early 40's. This is definitely not from the 50's. 50's was all about full skirts and hourglass figure with a small waist.


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