Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo Number 354

Postcard from Ole Rand

This is a Real Photo Postcard. I need input on this one..sisters with their sons?  Older sisters with their younger brothers? Mother with her three children?

postcard from Ole Rand two

From Ole Rund  To Miss Edna Gearnum or Tearnum  Walker Minnesota.  This photo was taken sometime from  1904 to 1918. I got this Real Photo Post Card at an Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota.

I had some time to look up Ole Rund..I found one that was the right age living in Bemidji, Minnesota, Beltrami County. He was 21 in the 1910 Census, he was a day laborer and was a lodger at a Bemidji address. He was from Norway and came over here in 1906.  Both his parents were born in Norway. This Ole Rund would have been born about 1889.  Then I lose the trail until an Ole Rund age 32 a farmer shows up married to a Hilda in Montana in the 1920 Census, I have no idea if this Ole is the same Ole or not.   I even looked for an Ole Rand..and found nothing that fits.

I have not had time to search for Miss Edna.

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  1. A bit of a mystery on this one!

  2. Seems more like Dad and son to me... So I would "vote" Mom and Dad (on left) and Daughter and son on the right.

    And if I had a spare $5 I'd say the son's name was "Jr."


  3. P.s., to my weary eyes, Edna's last name looks like Farnum to me. I've never heard of a Gearnum. The "F" in From looks pretty similar to the "messy" letter at the beginning of Edna's last name.

  4. From the 1920 US Census:

    Edna Farnum daughter of Arthur E Farnum and Annette Farnum
    Residence: Cass, Minnesota
    Estimated Birth Year 1894

    Cass, Walker, and Bemidji are all neighboring towns.

  5. I think the 2 fellows and the pale gal look like family. I'm going to guess husband and wife on the left and husband's sister and brother on the right. (And I'm going to sign my name this time :) )

  6. Hi is good to have you in the group! :)

  7. I think they are all brothers and sisters and the guy on the right is too young to be a father to anyone there. They look like stair step children.


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