Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo Number 355

woman with bun Lake Park Antiques

I wanted to show you what a fancy photo folder was like in about 1910 to 1920.  The thin paper to the left protected the photo. ( I am not sure but perhaps this paper was called onion paper.)   This lady appears to have on a very beautiful blouse with a white collar and she has a bow in her hair. I got this photo from an Antique Shop near Lake Park, Minnesota.

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  1. That's a fancy bit of photo mounting. Obviously not something one does when they have 450 photos of their trip to Mount Rushmore. :)

    Did the protection work though? the photo seems damaged.

  2. I think what you are seeing is the reflection of the silver (nitrate?) that was used in photo processing. This is a gorgeous folder, the embossing is really lovely.


  3. Yes, the reflection of the silver nitrate is distracting..the photo is in perfect shape for how old it is:)

  4. for some reason, I feel like a peeping tom. First time I've felt like that looking at old photos.

    Did I lose my protective covering. (:

  5. Pamela, Squash that feeling! These are all forgotten will they get back home ?? All these people have relatives! :)

  6. It is hard to identify the age of some of these photos as they are all serious when they are posing. That dress looks a lot like all the other dresses we see in these oldies but goodies.


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