Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photo Number 337

Aunt Fan Lister Age 17 GR
This is what I am going to call “The Mystery of Aunt Fan.”  I purchased eleven CdV’s or Cartes-de-viste that are all marked with names.  Most of them are marked in the same the same person..we will never know who that person is, but we may learn something about the people in these images along the way.  I have several of these mysteries to share..this one is the smallest collection of photographs. I have not had time to research these names ahead of we will see how it all unfolds.  I am thinking that this CdV is from the 1890’s.
Aunt Fan Lister Age 17 two GR This is Aunt Fan at Age 17, when I first read that..I thought she looks older than seventeen. She is beautiful.  What do you suppose the Fan was short for.. Fannie? you have any other ideas? Who was she..where did she live..will she give up any history..she captivated me..I hope she captivates you too!
Tomorrow an older Aunt Fan…and a last name! Thanks for stopping by, do come again:) 

Update From Iggy! 
Fannie Hannant  was born in August of 1859 in Iowa.  If she is truly 17 in this photo then this CdV can be dated at 1876. 

Update December 12, 2010 
This photo is now Full Circle Number 15 


  1. I think Fan could be 17 in this photo. Many portraits from the 1940s and 50s reflect teens who look much older/mature than modern teens. Life was different then and the photos reveal that.

  2. I think this photo could be a few years earlier than the 1890s, as the frizzies on her hair were popular beginning in the late 1870s. But, I could be wrong. Fan, maybe Fannie. That was a pretty popular name.

  3. Unless its rather uncommon and extraordinary - Fan - Fannie - Fanny or Frances...

    I can see 17... I think the "formal" wear makes her look older.

  4. I've decided to do a History Mystery thing on my other blog with some old (historical) photos. I also researching some family pics fron the late 1800's. It's hard though because my geneology research skills are pretty minimal. This pics of your kind of set me off, I guess. :)


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