Monday, October 11, 2010

Photo Number 338

Fan Lister GR
Aunt Fan has a last name!  This is a CdV. Fan Lister will you give up any of the mystery that surrounds these old calling cards?
Bill and Fan Lister back of their cards GR This is the back of the CdV.  J.H. Hamilton of Sioux City Iowa was the photographer. He was in business in Sioux City from 1868 to shortly after 1890.  If we knew his address, we could pin point the date..but sadly we do not have that info on the back of the card.
How old do you think Fan looks in this photo? Norkio commented that she thought yesterdays photo looked 1870 ish…from the frizzy hair. Perhaps we will find her in a Lister her maiden name or her married name? 
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Update from Iggy!
Fannie Hannant  was born in August of 1859 in Iowa..

This photo would have been taken after her marriage in 1882, she was 23 years old when she got married.
Fannie married a Mr. Lister..I do know his name..we will meet him tomorrow.
Fannie apparently had four children..that was great news for me..these photos may find their way home.
 I thought that I had a photo of her I am 100 percent positive that I do..her maiden name of Hannant was the clue I needed..tune in tomorrow to more of the Mystery of Aunt Fan!   Thanks Iggy! :)

Here is the Ben Franklin Connection to this family:
- Benjamin FRANKLIN (b. 1709 d. 1793)
son William FRANKLIN born in 1730
--- son Emil W. FRANKLIN was born in 1765
---- Son David Emil FRANKLIN (b. 1800 in NH  d. 1875 in Shellrock, IA)
    m. Clarissa CURTICE
----- daughter Hanna Clarissa FRANKLIN (b. abt 1829 in St. Johnsbury, VT (NH Per 1880 Census) d. 8 Jul 1888 in Ponca, NE)
------ daughter Fannie A HANNANT (b. 1860 d. 1937)
      m. William Lister (b. 1854 in Illinois d. 1923)

Jason W(illiam)  (b. Jan 1883 d. 1909 25y)
Agnes E          (b. 9-21-1884 d. 12-24-1900 never married)
Edward M        (b. Dec 1886 ????)
Florence G      (b. Jan 1889 d. 1940 never married)

Update December 12, 2010
This photo is now Full Circle 15 


  1. There is a Fannie Lister of Ponca city, Dixon, Nebraska born on Aug 1859 in Iowa who married a William Lister in about 1882 (age 23) according to the 1900 US census. She (if this is her) would have been about 40 at the turn of the century.

    In 1920, she is still living in Dixon, aged 60.

    According to US census's William Lister was also born in Iowa (living in Fairview, Jones, Iowa) and also born in 1859. He had a bunch (at least 6) of brothers and sisters.

    Interestingly, Fannie had at least 4 children. :)

  2. It is fascinating how the photos come to life when someone finds information on the person.

  3. It sounds to me like Intense Guy has the right person. Very interesting.

  4. I found quite a few Fannie Listers yesterday, different ages, with two from Iowa. Since I only knew the name Lister (it was on your photo tag), I wasn't sure if I should be looking at the Iowans, Nebraskans, Texans, etc. ;-) I will continue with some more in-depth searching later today to piggyback on what Intense Guy has found.

  5. Connie, is the edge of the card gold? Are the corners rounded? Is the photo itself pasted on a card, then onto another card? It's hard to tell from the scan. All these facts can help date the CdV. As it looks right now, I'm again guessing 1870s or 1880s.


  6. Another possibility is from the 1880 United States Census:

    Fannie Lister
    Newton, Jasper, Iowa
    19 at the time of the census
    Born 1861 in Illinois
    Wife of John Lister (from England)

    This could be interesting :)

    1. 6 years later;;) yes I believe Aunt Fan is this Fannie Lister who married John from West Yorkshire, England. They had 2 daughters Lettie and Jennie, and a son Benjamin Franklin Lister=my grandfather. Ben moved from Jasper to Providence RI and named his first born son, John Franklin Lister to continue the Franklin connection.

      Fannie looks so much like my 6 year old niece, it's eerie.

      Laura Lister Jaffe

  7. I love it when Intense Guy and Abra start their indepth searches, I have a good feeling about this one! :-)

    Hope you don't mind but I mentioned this site in a blog interview I did on Sunday as one of my favourites - because it is!

  8. Smashing blog, much appreciated. You might like to glance at a post I did Tuesday 3rd June 2008. strangly enough I wrote a book of short stories and called it 'There's Nowt So strange As Folk!

  9. My goof.

    The Fannie I listed first, was from Wright, IA and married William Lister who was born about 1854 in Illinois.

    I'm 99% confident this is the right Fannie. I'm not sure but her maiden name was - I think it was Hannant. She lived in Ponca, NE which is very close to Sioux City, IA and died in 1937.

  10. Wow..this photo got some attention..I believe the Fannie from Ponca City Dixon NE will be the one we are looking for. I think we can safely date this photo somewhere in the 1880s..if she was born in 1859 then yesterdays photo was taken in 1876 and todays would be some time after she was married..tomorrow we will meet her husband!
    Norkio..this CdV does have the photo glued on and it does have gold edges..but the corners are square.
    Good work everyone..isn't this fun! :)

  11. It is so amazing how the people are so tied to a certain area that circles down into Iowa and back up into Minnesota. The state line meant nothing when it came to living near relatives or finding a farm, or finding work. My dad and his brother worked up at Blue Earth one summer as the family was starving at home and they had to find work to help out.


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