Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photo Number 334

Kids and dog

This is a couple of little kids in a snapshot that was taken sometime in the 1940’s.   The little boys fashionable aviator coat and hat complete with goggles was popular during the WW2 years (1939-1945).  We have another cute little dog..perhaps a Terrier of some sort.   I wonder what his/her name was..Fido or maybe she was a Duchess!

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  1. Awww, what a cute picture! My very first dog was a mutt named Dutchess. She was followed by two more Duchesses named in her honor as she was a very good and loyal little dog and the family loved her immensely.

    It looks a little "wintry" in this picture.

  2. My dad had a pair of Army Air Corps machine gunner gloves that he wore on his paper route. They were heavy leather lined with thick sheep skin, and had one large "finger" for your outside three fingers, one "finger" for your index finger (trigger finger) and one for your thumb. My sister still has these gloves. Dad had those in the mid to late 40s, so about the same time as this picture.


  3. THAT is a great photo. The composition is set up so nice and probably very accidentally. Great image.


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