Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Number 356

Possible Osage school

This is an old school photo.  I got this one at an Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  At first glace I thought it might be the old Osage School..I have some photos of that school in the 1920’s..but the windows are different.  It looks like one teacher for twenty children of all ages. The little guy on the end had a hard time standing still for the exposure time that was needed to take the photo.

F.E. Burdick took this photo..he was from Park Rapids, Minnesota and this was Photo Number 74.  I wonder how many school photos he took that year?  I will guess that this photo is from 1920 to 1925 and it was taken somewhere very near Park Rapids.

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  1. Lovely photo. I remember having to stand on benches in lines of fours for our primary school photos. It was all very stuffy!

  2. I love this photo Connie.

  3. Older kids in the back. It makes you wonder how many were brothers and sisters. My mom said many times how she hated to wear socks like the girls are wearing. I don't suppose there was wool in them or that they never stayed up. The school building is really weathers so it is an older one school room building.

  4. I count six sets of overalls...too cute! One room schools were definitely still in use in some of the smaller communities, up until the mid century at least!

  5. Hi intersting look like my mother in law. GW

  6. This shot reminds me of the photo you had of the two women sitting on/near a stump. Of course white clapboard and stumps must have been very common - they seem to be in a lot of pictures.


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