Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Number 345

Bennet girl GR
This is E Ulena or Eulena Bennett she is the daughter of Mary and Wallace Bennett.  She was born in October of 1879. I think she is probably about seven in this we can date this photograph about 1886.  Note how the couch is child size.  Eulena had a brother William H. he was born in 1877.
Bennet Girl two GR
This is the back of her photo.

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Update December 12, 2010 
This photo is part of Full Circle Number 15 


  1. I love this photo. It's formal yet informal. I'm enjoying seeing photos with a family connection like this and yesterdays.

  2. She looks ready for action with those heavy boots!

    Neat little couch! That was a very nice touch.

  3. That is one of those sit and stare photos. The fainting couch is neat.

  4. It's unfortunate her hair is pulled back so tightly, it makes her little head seem so very round. She's a pretty girl and looks like her mother to me.


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