Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Number 346

Eddy Ryther GR
This is Eddy Ryther, he is part of the Aunt Fan Collection. A suitor, a friend..we may never know.  This is a CdV and it probably is from around 1875 or thereabouts.
Eddy Ryther two GR Eddy must have lived in Franklinville, NY.  The Bennetts were from New York too. Maybe they knew each other..maybe not. 
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Update : Iggy found in the 1880 census that Eddie Ryder was born in 1866..so we will change the date of this photo to 1886. 

Norkio also pointed out that it is very interesting that Fan and Ida are related to Ben Franklin and this photo was taken in Franklinville, a town named after Ben Franklin.  Thanks for the input!! :)

Update: December 12, 2010 
This photo is part of  Full Circle Number 15  


  1. Franklinville is less than 20 miles from Cuba, NY - and named for Benjamin Franklin - The community was founded around 1806, while still in an area named "Ischua." The Village of Franklinville was incorporated in 1874. You will see Ischua in early censuses.

    There is an 1880 census record for an Eddie Ryther born in 1866. If this is the dude photographed, it would make him rather young. Maybe he hung out with Eulena? :)

  2. Oh, interesting! If he is from Franklinville, named for BF, and the family has the BF connection, maybe they are distant cousins or just family friends.


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