Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Number 332

Dog like Chance

Someone put this Border Collie on a chair..I have been known to have Chance pose in a chair sometimes too..

Dog like Chance Two Here the same dog or one that looks very much like the same dog .. up on a fence balancing for a photo! Both of these photos and yesterdays photo were bought at the same place..a garage sale…however all of these photos had been in a photo album at one time.

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  1. Oh, what cute pictures! I've taken a few photos of my cats balanced on a fence but I can't imagine a dog!!!

  2. What a pose!! That is one, very smart and very eager to please pooch!

  3. What wonderful photos ! I just finished poting old photos of my family, its great to go through them again, brings back good memories ! Have a great day !

  4. I have border collies too! I love these two photos and the other of the two men on the car with their herder dogs. Thanks for posting the pet photos this week. I can't remember seeing any before!

  5. the dog is very cute! :)

    i like this blog very much ♥

  6. Really nostalgic pictures of these dogs. I had one of my great grandfather and he was posing with about 5 dogs - sadly I can no longer find it.


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