Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo Number Sixty-Seven

I call this one "Silk Stockings"..because I believe she is wearing silk ones.  They are very shiny.  This is a Real Photo Postcard an AZO with squares so it is from 1925 to the 1940's.  Stockings were very important to ladies back then..they weren't properly dressed without them.  Silk stocking were expensive.  Nylons first appeared at The Words Fair in New York in 1939.  During World War II 1939 to 1945  silk, nylon and rayon stockings were scarce. Silk was used for gun powder sacks, rayon and nylon were used for tents, parachutes, ropes and tires.  Woman sometimes resorted to putting makeup on their legs and drawing a line with their mascara down the back of their legs to simulate a seam in their pretend stockings.

I will date this photo 1939..I am curious what  the two pockets of material or tassels?? are for..are they just decoration..or do they serve a purpose?  They seem kind of strange ?  She is also holding something in her hands..but it just looks like a piece of paper.

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  1. I am envious that her silk stockings fit so well and don't look like elephant's skin!!!!!
    She's very pretty and those tassels are rather unusual.

  2. The painted murals on the back wall are always so interesting. She is in a classic pose with a very stylish dress. The sleeves are an interesting treatment.

  3. She is very pretty, but looks sort of sad. I was surprised at how young she appears when I enlarged the photo. I remember my mother telling me stories of the painted seams on their legs. The gals did love their stockings and nylons back then. Of course they had to wear an uncomfortable garter belt too. I am so glad pantyhose were invented.

  4. I think this might be earlier, maybe in the 20s or early 30s. Her hairstyle is reminiscent of some 20s shots of my grandma, dress as well. The paper might be a diploma. The tassles are at the ends of the ties from the neck of her dress, so I'd guess they are decorative only. With the corsage, I'm guessing graduation, possibly confirmation?


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