Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-Three

I call this one "The Bow Tie Guy"  ..what do you think 1930's or 1940's??  Is the pattern of the suit coat what they used to call Herringbone? I haven't a clue. He looks very you suppose he was a teacher or an accountant?
On a side note, often times when Far Guy and I are out and about..if we are stuck waiting someplace..we watch people and discuss what we think they did for a living.  It makes for some interesting conversations!
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*** Abra and Nancy both said this is a Houndstooth Suit Jacket. 


  1. You are right about him looking studious! The pattern of the tie sure looks odd in comparison to the suit jacket. I would call that suit pattern houndstooth, although I did see a reference to it in one area as 'classic herringbone,' but I think they were wrong. Herringbone is a v-shape weaving--many tweed coats have the pattern--it is named after the bones of a herring.

  2. My first thought as soon as I saw the photo before reading what you had written was... teacher. He looks like teachers in my mom's old yearbooks from the 40's. Classic appearance. Your guessing game sounds fun. I can just imagine you and Far Guy coming up with some wild and funny conversation.

  3. Yes, houndstooth. It makes quite a statement, doesn't it? He certainly has a mild-mannered look (does the phrase mild-mannered accountant ring a bell?) but the pattern is bold, and he's having a portrait made. You could make up quite a set of stories with these photos!

  4. Nalley and I love to watch people too when we go to the dr.'s office. I thought this guy looked like a used car salesman!

  5. I was just going to say, great houndstooth. I don't think I have ever see it in a man's jacket. It was so popular for years with womens clothing. We are getting freezing rain today, great fun.

  6. I had a houndstooth coat dress that I loved! Very classic look. I was thinking "mild mannered reporter" myself, heh.


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