Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photo Number Forty-Five

I have two of these photos, both have writing on the back in the same hand.

 "Mutt and Jeff"  I look like a freak in this picture  Ham

Doesn't Thatcher look thin?  Amy  What do you think of "Your Brothers?"

One of the photos had been folded into tiny squares...I recall men wearing suit coats with their bib overhauls in the 1950's.  I don't quite to know what to make of this first glance I thought it was a man and a woman..but maybe not.  What do you think?
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  1. No Connie, I think it is two men.The shorter one is pretty flat chested, which really doesn't rule anything out. Sure don't see many who wear them bibs around here. One old guy who farms and ranches. Lots wear the winter insulated bib, but I even hate them so I just wear insulated pants.

  2. I think it is a man & a woman, thus the quotation marks around brothers (unless you added those); I think it is an inside joke. The facial features are womanly, as well as the hat & the way the scarf is tied on the neck. There also seems to be some womanly type hair jutting out from under the hat. I also think this could be earlier than the fifties--perhaps thirties? Just guessing on all of the above, of course.

    I like the term you used--overhauls instead of overalls. My elderly neighbor lady (now deceased) used to wear them a lot and referred to them as such. Brings back fond memories, and she dressed very similar to the photos you are sharing. Once when we had the video cam rolling of the kids talking with her, she said: "Now don't go taking movies of me with these old overhauls on!" I just smile thinking of her and your photo subject reminds me a lot of her. ~Abra

  3. I thought "man and woman" right away, and "your brothers" does seem to indicate that it's a joke. Like Justine, I was thinking '30s. But this photo is definitely an enigma....

  4. At first glance I thought it was a man and woman but I think they are both men now - especially with that comment about "your brothers". It is anybody's guess. If it is a woman on the right she needs a major overhaul.

  5. I think it is a man and a woman. Sounds like a man writing on the back making fun of his wife, though. I fortunately don't look like this guy but for some reason most all of my Great Uncles on my Grandmother's side looked exactly like that, beg belly and all. Some were bald too. I remember one who was round as an Easter egg and he owned one of those Ford Falcon's. The was quite a sight to see him in that little car... You know I am just explaining, I am not making fun of anyone, I hope.


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