Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-Seven

This looks a little like the  little boy that I featured yesterday..except this time he is outside helping to shovel snow.  It looks like he is dressed warm..but has no mittens. I will guess that this is also a late 1950's photo.
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  1. Such a handsome child...makes my hands hurt though!

  2. He was an adorable boy. He has on a pair of snow pants like I was forced to wear each time I went outside. I looked like a blimp by the time my mother got me dressed and wrapped. She insisted on tying a scarf around my face to keep me from breathing in the cold air too. It is a wonder I didn't suffocate.

  3. What a cutie. Oh, how I remember those bundled up days. By the time we came in, ice had formed on the scarf where we had been exhaling hot air, the coat, hat, snowpants, and mittens were encased in a layer of ice, and despite our warm gear, our nose, toes, fingers and ears were froze! It sure built character, though! LOL!


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