Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-Eight

Today I will begin sharing a few of the Christmas photographs that were in my box of photos.  I call this one "Boy with Santa"   This was probably some sort of promotional photograph..or perhaps it was one of the early Santa/Child photos.  Santa's suit was corduroy!

What I remember...from the 1950's..
In one of the nearby towns Santa was in one of the stores for a few Saturday afternoons just before Christmas..I do not recall that they took photographs, Santa handed out little tiny candy canes, I never sat on his lap either, I just stood there and rattled off my list while holding onto my brothers hand..when I was done I shoved him forward..if he didn't say anythng I told Santa what he wanted.  What do you remember?  Did you visit Santa with your list?
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  1. That's a pretty little boy but Santa looks like Lt. Tragg from the old Perry Mason shows!!!

    I did not ever go see Santa as a child. I guess I was too bashful. It's a wonder I ever got any presents! LOL

  2. My dad was the Santa once in our small town. He handed out the candy to the kids after the free black and white movie. I didn't know he was going to be the guy, but it is funny how I just knew. The bag was always full of peanuts, hard colorful candy. Wow, that was a simple time in life.

  3. We saw Santa during the 70s. I remember one time the Santa Claus at a very large local mall had bad breath and I could see the paper clip in his beard holding it together. I told my mom about it and I was very sad.

  4. OMG! Mildred's comment is hilarious. Lt. Tragg! I think she is right though. Hope this Santa was more pleasant and happy.
    I hated visits with Santa. He was too big and creepy for me. I always cried when I saw him.

  5. Santa didn't get around to pre-Christmas chats in our town. Instead, we wrote letters to Santa via the local radio station, which read them on the air every afternoon. One year I won a radio for writing the best letter!

  6. Saint Nick aka Santa came to our house on the evening of December 5th, delivering the paper sacks of bulk candy & nuts(chocolate drops, stars, ribbon candy, starlight mints, peanut brittle, mixed nuts, etc.) our parents had pre-ordered at the grocery store. He took time to listen to everyone's requests. We also went to see Santa around the week before Christmas--some years at the Legion Club, some at the bank basement, once in the bowling alley--those visits always meant waiting in a long line for a bag with mostly peanuts, an apple, and a couple pieces of hard candy. I do recall movies one year--I think the year he was in the bowling alley.

  7. I was going to say that Santa doesn't look jovial at all!

  8. That Santa looks rather smug. I'm not sure I'm feeling comfortable when looking at this. Haha.


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