Friday, December 4, 2009

Photo Number Forty-Four

Look at these huge sleeves!  The mutton sleeves were first seen in 1824, but made a comeback in the 1890's. Sometimes they were called Leg of Mutton sleeves.   This photo was taken in 1898 or 1899 at the Shepherd Studio in St. Paul Minnesota.  I like their wicker furniture!
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  1. Those are some big sleeves and once again, that tall, scratchy neck that would drive us crazy! That chair is very pretty and interesting that she is posed "off-center" to accentuate the chair.

  2. WoW! Put a jersey over that dress and she could pass as a football player! ;-) Saeriously, those sleeves are massive! The pattern on the dress is very pretty, though. ~Abra

  3. I can't imagine wearing that around my neck. I would feel like I was being strangled. I am so glad that isn't the fashion now days. I would certainly be out of style. If if isn't blue jeans I am not wearing it.

  4. Well, it isn't tight on the neck, you can see by the loose folds. Having worn blouses like this I can say that you get used to it. :-) Interesting that it appears she has a froth of lace coming over her left shoulder, but not on the right. I wonder if she had an asymmetrical flounce, or if it's in fact coming from behind her, maybe from her hair. There appears to be some fabric directly behind her, maybe a bow at the back of her head? Hard to tell. It could also be something to keep her hair from catching on the wicker, lol. Love the picture, could never wear the sleeves myself!


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