Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-Nine

A Christmas  photo card from the past.. from Jan and her parents.  This must be from the late 1940's.
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  1. Jan is a cutie - love that hair! Don't you know her parents were so proud to send out that postcard that Christmas?

  2. Jan is a cutie and I love the outfit. I have to wonder about the crib--do you think she still fit in that? I tried to run the names through ancestry search, but I only found one couple with those names and a child named Janice, in Ohio, and I think that was the 1930 census, which seems far too early for this Jan.

  3. What a neat shot. I wonder if that were her bed. The rug is really interesting.

  4. still in a crib. A LITTLE crib, too.

  5. She is so cute...a little shy and endearing.


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