Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-Six

I call this one "Boy with Gun" you suppose he grew up to be a police officer?  Anyway.. I like his cap pistol..and it looks to me like he had a badge or a holster off to the left.   He has a little bit of a cow-lick..I will venture to guess that this photo was taken in the late 1950's.  My brother had one of these haircuts..I believe they were called a "heinie"..with your hair all sheared off..versus a "Butch" where they left a little more on top. My brother wore a cap for a long time..this little boy seems comfortable with his haircut.

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  1. Cute little guy--so innocent looking, but packing heat! lol!

  2. His eyes are really expressive.

  3. This little boy looks so much like Nalley and his brothers (who were born in 1950's). In fact, we recd. a card from Nalley's mom today with a snapshot of Nalley and his brothers pulling guns on one another!!! Brotherly love at its finest!
    I love this guy's haircut - he's cute as can be!

  4. I wonder if he had on a little holster that just doesn't show in the picture. It looks like he's holding a second gun possibly. What a cute little boy. Makes you wonder who he grew up to be.

  5. He kind of has a Dennis the Menace look about him. Wonder if he was a mischief maker like most little boys at that age. It is a sweet photo. As a grownup I bet he would love to see this now.

  6. After zooming in closely, it does appear that he is holding something--as Norkio wondered about a holster, I think that is what is in his right hand--I can barely make out what seems to be embossed vinyl/leather that was common on the toy holsters. In the zoom, it appears he has a black belt that is probably part of the holster gear; there is also a badge next to his right hand.


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