Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-Two

Early this morning when I read the comments from yesterday..I said "OH MY"  I have a connection.  This is a photo that I found in the box from the antique shop.  This is Mr and Mrs Voge  ..the first initial looks like a CJ could they be the Grandparents of Grace Photo Number Fifty one and Esther Photo Number Four?  There is a Bertha notation..could that be a name..or is it the name of the town they lived there is a Bertha Minnesota.   Maybe Abra the sweetie that she is will find out.. doncha just love how this mystery is unfolding?  ( I have known and have had the pleasure of knowing Abra for almost two years now..she is a blogging friend)
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*** Abra was able to find out the Karl Johan ( Charlie) and Mathilda were Uncle and Aunt to Esther and Grace. 
Update: This photo went full circle July 02, 2010  Full Circle Seven:) 


  1. I love this. Amazing what Abra was able to find out.

  2. I really enjoy seeing the clothing of the times. They live in a cold climate as they are serious about keeping warm. I make comparisons to what I have seen of my grandparents wearing in photographs. It is so great that you found a connection, and too it is dated.

  3. It is amazing! This new photo blog is an adventure. Sort of like unfolding a mystery. It is great that Abra was able to find out that info.

  4. I think I found your answer. Karl Johann Voge, also known as Charlie J. is an uncle to Grace & Esther, youngest brother to Grace's father Gottlieb. (It seems like they would be too old, but when you consider Grace is the second youngest in her family, and her father was 49 when she was born, it makes sense. Her father died at age 57. Her mother lived to age 93!)

    This couple, Karl (Charlie) Voge and Mathilda Hecht were married March 15, 1887 in Blooming Grove, Waseca County, MN.

    Karl Johann Voge
    Born: 25 Jun 1861
    Konraden Bei Retz, Kreis Arnewald, Brandenburg, Germany
    Died: 18 Oct 1937
    Bertha, Todd, Minnesota, USA

    Mathilda Hecht
    Born: 9 May 1866
    Died: 18 Jan 1942
    Bertha, Todd, Minnesota, USA

    They definitely still have relatives living in the area, as I did a little more searhing this morning on Grace's family.

    This has been fun. Gosh, I wish someone would find a big old box of my ancestors photos!! Now, that would be amazing!!;-)

  5. Hi...I find your blog so charming. I do love old photos and everything that has had a past life.
    I'll follow your blog because I really like it and will be happy if you like to visit mine.


  6. Looks like my husbands great grandmother Hoover.
    Funny how the styles and poses are so similiar


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