Monday, December 21, 2009

Photo Number Sixty-One

I thought this was a fun looks like these gals..and two guys way in the back had a great Christmas Party.  I will guess that this photo is from the late 1940's or early 1950's.  What do you think? Were they all sales women in a department store?  Several have some really stylish (wild) hats??  The gal that played Mrs. Santa certainly looks like she is a fun person..there are tiny bells along the edge of her skirt.
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  1. It made me smile looking at all their happy faces. I wonder if there was a little bit of bubbly involved in making all that laughter. Maybe it was just a fun group. Those were two lucky fellas surrounded there. Great party picture. I am with you on the year guess. Looks like classic late 40s- early 50s.

  2. They sure look full of merriment; zooming in is fun...a couple gals in front row with cigarettes, and one seems to be toasting (though it looks like punch). Minus the cigarette smoke, I think I would have liked to be in that group...looks like never a dull moment!

  3. Most look like they are reacting to something, so it makes me wonder what the photographer was doing to get that reaction.

    Great photo!

  4. The cigarette sure dates this one.

  5. Loved this one...we had a lingerie company in our small town called Gossards where all women sewed lingerie all day for hours and was there for years and helped our town economically...many very old women now still talk about working there a long time ago...this photo reminded me of them.

  6. Clearly not a modern day photo even without the period clothing. No one is very fat. Even the largest woman is still just slightly overweight. Definitely would be a different picture today. All the people in my oldest family photos look like they are starving. I thought it was just because they were all poor.


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