Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photo Number Sixty-Eight

This is a Cabinet Card, Halvorsens was in business only two years 1886 and 1887.  This photo came from an Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  Perhaps someone will be able to tell us more about the little girls shoes..are these the kind of shoes that you needed one of those button hooks for?  I wonder what the Gentleman did for a living?  Do the girls look like twins to you?  There isn't much difference in height and they are dressed exactly the same.
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  1. The girls really look like their mother. Yes those are shoes that needed a button hook. That type of shoe must have been around for a long time. My mother wore them as a little girl in the 20's still. Wonder what kind of work that father did. He looks like a business man.

  2. I was thinking business owner as a farmer or other common labor would probably not dressed like that. I suppose a minister would look like that. The girls could be twins but one looks a little younger. The front girl had trouble holding her eyes still for the photo.

  3. he looks scary! He can't button his coat!

  4. They must have some wealth. The girls have matching dresses (double the amount of fabric) with lace collars and the mother is wearing an intricate lace collar, almost like a ruff, as well as two pieces of jewelry - a necklace and a gorgeous pin. Also, the father is portly, which in that time period was a signifier of some wealth because he didn't have to do hard work and had access to enough food to make him portly.


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