Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Number Fifty-One

This is a AZO one from 1918 to 1930.  Someone has written "Grace" on the back.   She looks very much like the person Esther  that married Walter Davison in Photo Number Four.   Perhaps her middle name was Grace?  Or perhaps she had a sister named Grace..or perhaps this photo  post card went to a person named Grace.  Who knows..perhaps Abra will run the name again..and see if Esthers middle name was Grace!
The neckline on this dress was must have been too low an inset was added!
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*** Update Sunday December 13, 2009  I have located and spoke with Grace's son and daughter in law..we will be getting together so that they can look through all of my photos..success at last ..some photos are finding their proper home!! 
Update: This is not Grace, but it is one of her sisters..either Esther or Bertha.  This photo went Full Circle on July 02, 2010 .. Full Circle Seven :)  


  1. Now she has some curly hair! Being little up on top, I was always having to alter my necklines or at least pull it together with a safety pin!!!

  2. The women in #1, #4, #37, and now #51, all look related--not exactly sure how. The 1930 census shows Esther with a middle initial of R. Just for fun, I think I'll do a little more sleuthing--I'll stop back & let you know if I find anything!

  3. I'm back & ran into a lot of deadends while searching the historical records. I probably should have searched family trees first, but, oh well--live & learn. I hit the hackpot in family trees. Esther does have a sister by the name of Grace. Their maiden names: Voge. They were born to Gottlieb Voge & Lena Meierhenry in Deer Creek, Ottertail County. While Esther moved to WI, Grace lived & died in the area. She lived in Bluffton, ottertail county in 1930. Her death record states Wadena, 1996. The family tree says she married Martin Reynold Brasel. No record of children in the family tree I found, so back to the historical records and I find at least one son, "D", though there may be others older (MN birth records on only from 1935). He is likely still living in Otter Tail county ( he was married & had 4 sons there. He would be 73). I can get you more info. but probably shouldn't publish the names of living people in the comments section.

  4. btw--hackpot shb jackpot in the above comment. ;-)

  5. Oh my--that is so exciting!! We will expect reports on the visit. I am so glad you are doing this. It has been a fun journey and I have been happy to be part of it. As an avid genealogist, I can excited about "finds," even when they aren't my family!!

  6. She is the one on the photo number four if she doesn't have a twin. This is her bro. No doubt.


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