Monday, December 7, 2009

Photo Number Forty-Seven

Clifford  M. Hursh and P.C. Hursh  are the names written on the back of this photo..with a fountain pen.   This photo could have been taken just about anywhere yet I suspect that it was taken in Minnesota..because of the clump Birch trees.  I will guess that this photo was taken around 1945.
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  1. Looks like were dressed up to go somewhere and getting their picture taken to mark the occasion. Clifford looks like a proud daddy. P.C. is certainly not interested in the camera. Her gaze is directed to something off to the side.

  2. I had a little case of insomnia, so I did some searching. Clifford Malcolm Hursch, son of Perry Clark (PC) & Ethel Hursh, born 25 Jun 1919, lived in/near Grand Rapids,Itasca County; married to Wilma Gertrude Geyer; had 2 daughters (one of whom I assume is in the picture--Christine Joan (1940) & Alice Marie (1941); Clifford & Wilma later divorced & Wilma remarried and had two more children in 1955 & 1956; her daughters from her first marriage (Alice & Christine), each had their first babies in 1959.
    Clifford passed away in 1990 in Columbia, SC. I do not know if he remarried or had other children, but if he did, it wasn't in the Minnesota records.

    In researching this, I come to think that when it states PC Hursh on the back, it is referring to the father of Clifford, not the daughter he is holding. I think people often labeled pictures like this in the past, identifying the 'family' the subject belonged to. Your guess of 1945 would be pretty close (I suppose 1942-1943 by looking at the size of the girl & knowing their birthdates), as would your geographic location (both girls were born in Itasca county, thus the birch & pines); later lived in Hennepin County, probably since this is where their mother originated and where she had her later 2 babies. Probably TMI, I know! Maybe I can sleep now. ;-) ~Abra

  3. Great research Abra. My Mother is Christine, Clifford was her Father. She was born July 23, 1940. The photo looks like fall. If this is Christine she might have been 15 months old. Clifford remarried a woman he met in Germany and they adopted a son, Clifford Jr. They lived in Columbia SC. My Mom, brother and I visited in 1968 (or about). Wilma remarried Bob Bauer and had 2 children, Debbie (died 1 day) and Teddy (died age 12). I am named after Debbie

    1. Thank you for the comment deb, if you would like the photo please contact me by email, it can be found in my profile, click on the yellow flower:)

  4. I heard from David today, he is a great grandchild of Perry Hursh. I will mail the photo on Monday


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