Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo Number 348


I have a few photos that would be considered Fall Photos and this is one of them.  Do you suppose that the year was 1941?  What do you suppose they did with this sweater in 1942?  I think the family resemblance is quite clear that this is a father and a son. Was the lad on a football team?

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  1. What a fun photo. I love that the dad's hat matches his suit too.

  2. Its a shame we can't see what color the athlete sweater is - I'm sure it was as bright as the fall foliage - this one reminded me of Cornell (NY) for some reason - which was bright candy apple red.

  3. I think the sweater is a "letterman's sweater," which means his graduation year was 1941.

  4. I agree with Nancy, that it's a letterman sweater. My dad's was similar, though it was from '48. It was also home made. I imagine lots of places had the "mail order" style letterman sweater, but my dad when to a small high school, so the moms made the sweaters.


  5. I agree it is a Letterman's Sweater which in the 40's usually noted the graduation year. My dad has one just like it and so does my uncle. They both graduated in the 40's.


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