Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photo Number 336

Lady and Dog PR

Now who couldn’t love this dog?  A terrier of some you think his/her name might be Spot?  The old rain barrel makes for a great place to perch for a photo, I think there is a small child who is helping the photographer out..perhaps with a treat. I think 1910 to 1920 on this one ..because of the ladies dress.

Tomorrow we will have to start a new batch of photos, this is the last of my old pet photos. Oh well, it gives me something to look for in Antique Shops. I have looked all summer to get the ones that you saw this week.

Are you up for a little eleven day mystery? Stop by tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by, do come again:) 


  1. What a cutie! Yep, Spot seems a likely name for this fella'!

  2. How sweet to have the child's arm in the photo. I think you are right that a treat/toy is being offered.

  3. Love that dog! I was going to say patch, but spot is good too. Great photo. :-)

  4. It took all summer to find these dogs pictures? I'm sure you didn't mind that much :)

  5. It is a wonderful photo. Dogs and people were always not far from everyday life.


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