Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photo Number 1528

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Louisa Graves CP
The Photographer was E.S. Tray of Jackson Michigan
Someone wrote on the Cabinet Card Louisa Graves
If they knew Louisa why didn’t they know the gentleman?
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Photo Number 999 is of Archibald Markellar Graves.  It is marked in the same green pen.


  1. That's an interesting piece of jewelry (?) on her dress.

  2. I'm guessing this was a photo given to a friend of Louisa, who probably knew the husband--well, or formality's sake, knew him as "Mister"--but was more focused on her relationship with Louisa.

    Do you have a guess as to the date of the photograph? There was a Louisa Graves living in Jackson, Michigan, in the 1870 census...but her date of birth was given as 1818. Seems a bit old for this photo.

    There was also a Louisa C. Graves listed in the 1891 city directory for Jackson, along with husband James. Of course, the city directory wouldn't provide any ages. And I'm not sure this is one and the same with the woman in the 1870 census--the earlier record shows her with son Arthur, but no husband.

    Of course, you know me and my eyes...but I thought the surname looked more like "Grails" than "Graves." Testing that other possibility yielded no results, though. Since you have the original to check, I'm sure you can see the details better. Graves certainly gives a lot more possibilities.

  3. Hi Jacqi, I am 95 % certain it is Graves. Looking at it with a magnifying glass the v runs right into the e. I think this Cabinet Card is from about 1880.

  4. This is too scrambled up for me to figure out. The Graves family moved into Michigan and had a large number of offspring - perhaps they were in town for a family reunion - and were from just about anywhere..


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